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  • About Us

    Who We Are and Why We Do What We Do

    Our Mission

    The Beijing Women's Network (BWN) creates a supportive community of young professional women in Beijing and provides affordable resources to encourage the personal and professional development of our members.


    We do so by organising events across five different chapters (Professional Development; Healthy Living; Applied Skills; Pregnancy, Marriage and Motherhood; and Spotlight Dinners) and maintaining an active WeChat community of 3,000+ members to support peer-to-peer mentorship between members.


    All proceeds of BWN events and initiatives go to our annual charity partner. This year, we have partnered with the Beijing Cultural Development Centre for Rural Women.

    Our Beginnings and Achievements to Date

    BWN initially started in March 2015 as a group of 12 women brought together by a mutual interest in discussing women’s issues. Since then, the Network has grown immensely, and are proud to share that we have:

    • More than 3000 members
    • Five vibrant event chapters
    • A committed ten-woman Leadership Council
    • Organised over 60 events
    • Raised over 30,000 RMB for charity.

    Our Future

    Although our founding principles remain the same, we are always exploring new areas to grow our organization and better support the needs of our members.


    We are committed to hosting at least one event per month and an annual fundraising gala in partnership with various organizations and co-working spaces in Beijing.


    Our ultimate goal is to develop an urban female workforce with the skills needed to compete in the international work environment that is Beijing, and create the necessary community infrastructure to pass on our learning to the next generation.


  • Join Us

    How Can You Get Involved?

    Monthly Spotlight Dinners

    An Emphasis on Community

    Bi-weekly dinners bring our community together to discuss current issues relevant to women in the workplace and society at large. During each dinner, we spotlight one of our members who leads a discussion centered around their own experiences or a topic of choice.

    Professional Development Series

    An Emphasis on Workplace Skills

    Designed for young professionals in mind, these workshops are aimed at providing on-going training on workplace skills relevant across industries. Training events are held at Inn Cube Coworking Space in Tuanjiehu and are designed to be at minimal cost with proceeds going to charity. In partnership with JingJobs.

    Healthy Living Series

    An Emphasis on Health and Wellness

    Monthly events designed to bring a mixture of formal panel discussions, fitness events, and health education seminars with a focus on information relevant to women's mental and physical wellbeing.

    Applied Skills Series

    An Emphasis on Developing Knowledge into Practice

    Aimed at bringing our community together to discuss current issues relevant to women in the workplace and society at-large, each dinner spotlights one of our members who leads a discussion centered on their own experiences or a topic of choice.

    Pregnancy, Marriage and Motherhood Series

    An Emphasis on Family Themes

    The PMM Series serves women by specifically focusing on issues relating to Pregnancy, Marriage and Motherhood. When first initiated in March 2016, the group hosted monthly dinners to connect our community, discuss relevant issues, reveal PMM needs and identify topics the community wanted to explore. Dinners would spotlight one of group members to lead the discussion by sharing their own experiences on the chosen topic.


    Starting from October 2016, the PMM Series has provided speakers to focus on these identified needs and interests of women who work through pregnancy, marriage and motherhood.

    Beijing Women's Network WeChat Group

    An Emphasis on Support & Dialogue

    We have multiple very active WeChat groups where our members can discuss various women-focused professional and personal development questions.


    Follow our official account (BeijingWomen) on WeChat and request to be added into the groups if you'd like to stay updated and contribute! Alternatively - please add kwoksamantha on wechat to be added into the groups.

  • Giving Back

    Charities We Support

    2017/2018 Charity Partner

    Beijing Cultural Development Centre for Rural Women

    BCDCRW is a registered non-governmental organisation aimed at promoting the development of rural women in China. We believe this organisation is a great fit for the Beijing Women’s Network and complements our work perfectly: by providing learning and development opportunities for urban women, we are raising money, resources and awareness to support BCDCRW to do the same for rural women.

    Why BCDCRW?

    The BCDCRW Story and Mission

    The work of BCDCRW began with the publication of the magazine ‘Rural Women’ in 2011, and has since then diversified into many projects in different areas, whilst always keeping the development of rural women at the heart of their work.


    They believe that “in order to change China, we must change the Chinese countryside; in order to change Chinese countryside, we must change rural women!” Through advocating awareness of gender issues in society, establishing women’s groups, and using participatory work practices, they have developed a deep understanding of and connection with rural women in China.

    2016/2017 partnership

    Wheels for Life Program

    We are delighted to have raised a total of 30,380 RMB for our fantastic charity partner.


    The Wheels For Life Programme is the United Foundation for China’s Health ‘community health bus, which travels outside the city to give check-ups, health screenings, and health education services to women and girls. The bus spends a complete day at clinic sites, during which primary care services are performed — including blood tests, paediatric services, breast cancer exams, and cervical cancer screenings.


    Read more here.

  • Leadership Council

    Meet Our Team

    Jessie Wang


    Jessie is originally from Inner Mongolia and immigrated to the United States when she was six. Having spent many of her formative years travelling between the two countries, the gender differences became especially pronounced in her life.  Before Jessie moved full-time to Beijing, she started her career in the legal industry. Since then, her primary focus is in education technology, working towards increasing access and transparency. The gender challenges that Jessie faces have also changed. Now, her primary focus is on growth in job prospects and career progression for young women across socioeconomic strata. In addition to her role at the Women's Network, Jessie is also Co-chair of the Tufts Alumni Chapter in Beijing and is a member to the Global Shaper's Initiative led by the World Economic Forum. Contact her at jessiewang14(at)gmail(dot)com

    Oma Lee

    Leadership Council

    Oma is a Senior Analyst at the Center for Charity Law at Beijing Normal University's China Philanthropy Research Institute , where she is responsible for research, policy advocacy, as well as international stakeholder engagement. She is also an Associate Managing Editor of Stanford Law School’s China Guiding Cases Project. She was previously a program staff at the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative China Program. Contact her at omalee106(at)gmail(dot)com

    Samantha Kwok

    Leadership Council

    Sam's passion is to help young graduates and professionals make genuine connections with potential employers, and empower them to take control of their own career development. She is the founder of JingJobs, an online and offline platform dedicated to bringing together China focused start ups and fresh talent. As the Co-chair of the BWN Professional Development Series, she facilitates events and workshops that provide training in workplace skills relevant across various industries. Sam moved to Beijing 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia. Contact her at samantha(at)jingjobs(dot)com

    Stephanie Jackson

    Leadership Council

    Stephanie is currently the Education Communications Manager for the British Council in Beijing. She

    set up the Generation UK: China Network, which aims to connect 20,000 British nationals with experience in China by 2020 to support student skills development and employability. In August 2017, Stephanie will start on the Schwarzman Scholarship at Tsinghua University, where she plans to focus on international education policy and implementation, building on her experience in China, Nicaragua and Myanmar in this field. Stephanie has been in Beijing for two years, graduated from the University of Oxford in Experimental

    Psychology, and is from the UK/the Netherlands. Contact her at stephaniecljackson(at)gmail(dot)com

    Amy Zhao

    Leadership Council

    Amy is currently a client manager at a commercial bank in Beijing, where she takes care of international institutional clients for their needs in custody. Her areas of expertise include relationship management, market development, as well as contract and fee negotiation. Prior to her current role, Amy worked as a conference interpreter and translator for a variety of industries, covering finance, movie productions, and sports. She holds a graduate degree in translation & interpreting from the University of Science & Technology Beijing. Amy grew up in Qinghai Province and moved to Shandong at age 15. She then moved to Beijing in 2002 for university. She currently lives in Beijing with her husband.

    Contact her at wszhaoamy(at)163(dot)com

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